Bryant Park


A Park in Transition

Come and watch the magical transformation of Bryant Park from winter wonderland to summer playground.

Angelito Jusay

After a bustling last few weeks at Bank of America Winter Village, The Rink enjoyed its last day open to the public on Sunday, March 6. It’s amazing to think that in just a few weeks, visitors to the very same park will be taking Tai Chi classes, listening to great poetry, meditating, and basking in the sun. The transition from rink to lawn is one of the wonders of NYC life, and we’re eager to get our warm-weather programming underway. 

While The Rink is being disassembled and taken away, Park Manager Brian Schliessman is busy checking out local sod producers, looking for the perfect green carpet to install at the park as the 2016 lawn. Once all the Winter Village materials are out of the way, he’ll begin preparing the lawn area by inspecting the irrigation and drainage systems, grading the area, and pouring the root-zone mixture. After that’s all completed, 25 workers roll out the 1.1 acres of sod in a 24-hour period. All of this is weather-dependent, but like most years, he has his eyes on the beginning of May for the lawn to be opened to the public, after the sod has taken root.   

Meanwhile, there’s still lots to do in the park. Le Carrousel is open daily, all five food kiosks are in operation, and Bryant Park Grill offers elegant dining. The Tables, our Ping Pong area, isn’t staffed until April 1, but everyone’s welcome to bring their own paddles and balls and play. The Bryant Park Jugglers will continue to hold lessons each weekday from 12pm-1pm and on Tuesday evenings, 5:30pm-7:30pm. And finally, to keep you sharp through the last dregs of winter, Bryant Park Boot Camp, conducted The Rise NYC, meets at the Fountain Terrace 6:30am-7am each Wednesday.   

Once April comes, the rollout of park programs will be fast and furious so to keep up on MidCity News and check the events calendar regularly.     

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