Bryant Park


Improved Illuminated Signs to Brighten Park Perimeter

New design will complement LED lights in street signs.

Our hardworking Capital Projects team recently embarked on a plan to replace the existing illuminated street signs on corners surrounding the park. The new generation of signs will have upgraded LED lighting components, with new graphics and colors to best take advantage of them. The signs’ frames have also been updated and safety upgrades have been made to the method in which the signs are mounted onto poles.

The new signs, designed and developed in-house by our Design Department, will make a striking visual upgrade to the perimeter of the park, and will also be easier to read from vantage points further away. 

In addition to producing new versions of existing signs, the project also entails creating new “vanity signs” for “Library Way” and “John Bigelow Plaza,” on the east and west sides of Fifth Avenue at 41st Street, respectively.   

New Yorkers take those vanity signs seriously, as we learned when we temporarily took down the Nicola Tesla sign from the northeast corner of 40th Street and Sixth Avenue as part of this project. With the passing of Tesla’s birthday on July 10, the absence of the sign generated numerous messages on social media, even from the consulate of Croatia, Tesla’s native country. We were surprised and delighted by the passion the temporary removal of the sign generated but fear not, Tesla partisans: your hero will soon be honored with an even better sign soon to come! 

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