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A Tribute to Bill Cunningham

Paying homage to the New York Times' avid observer of style and society.

New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham was a great friend of Bryant Park. His “On the Street” blog regularly included shots of the park and its users, and his keen eye was one of the first to appreciate the splendor of the park’s Lowell Fountain in winter. His photos of the frozen fountain were a regular feature in his blog, inspiring countless media outlets to use pictures of the fountain as establishing shots for local stories.

Sadly, Cunningham passed away earlier this year, leaving a strong legacy behind. We appreciated his work and his attention to Bryant Park, so this week we are paying tribute in a way we think he would appreciate.

On the morning of September 8 (fittingly, the first day of Fashion Week in NYC), park visitors will see 50 of Bryant Park’s bistro chairs arranged in a formation representing Mr. Cunningham’s ever-present 35mm camera. The tops of each chair will sport a cover made of blue fabric, paying homage to the blue work-jacket Mr. Cunningham invariably wore on his tours of the city. We’ll attach to each cover a tag with a photo of him commemorating his special relationship to Bryant Park.

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