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Watch your friends and family skate while enjoying a fun game on the second floor of the Skating Pavilion.

If you miss Bryant Park Games, Chess and Backgammon, or the Art Cart during the winter months, we’ve got some great news: this season at Bank of America Winter Village, we’re bringing these activities to the second floor of the Skating Pavilion.

We’ve dubbed this new space Overlook, referring to its fabulous view of Manhattan’s only free-admission skating rink. Staffed by a friendly Games Host and easily accessible from the skating pen below, Overlook offers the free use of games, chess boards, and backgammon sets. We’ll keep it warm and cozy up there, and patrons can relax in chairs and tables while playing games or just watching family or friends on the ice.

Overlook opens every day at 11am. Skaters have automatic access but if you’re not skating and just want to enjoy the space, go to the ticket booth area on The Deck, obtain a special non-skater wristband to enter the Skating Pavilion.  

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