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Keeping Our Restrooms Clean and Functional

Hardworking staff keeps our restrooms in tip-top shape for all our visitors.

Bryant Park’s restrooms are renowned among Midtown locals. At no other public place in NYC will visitors find such clean, beautiful, and pleasant facilities. We use excellent materials when constructing them, but it’s the day to day maintenance by our hardworking staff that keeps them the best. 

Our restroom crew consists of six dedicated workers who keep each side of the facility sparkling clean all day, every day. They also keep the queues in order during peak times at the park, and make themselves available to answer any questions the public may have. They don’t miss an inch – stalls, sinks, floors, and toilets are all scrubbed regularly. They even make sure fresh flower arrangements are installed twice per week. Humans of New York, a famed local photographer, even featured one of our restroom attendants, Juan Guzman, in one of his photos.

As we head into the busy holiday season at Bryant Park, we want to salute this crew for performing such an important job so assiduously. Thank you to Rossana Warde, Zita Rodriguez, Antoinette Smalls, Juan Guzman, Ronald Lynch, and Tyrone Fulton for their hard work and dedication to the park and its visitors.

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