34th Street


Sidewalks Packed with Shoppers in December

This holiday season, 34th Street was bustling as usual.

Jane Kratochvil

Dan Pisark, VP, Retail Services at 34th Street Partnership, has a few aces up his sleeve when pitching the virtues of 34th Street to prospective retailers and restaurateurs. The District is home to some of NYC’s most popular landmarks (Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, and Macy’s flagship store at Herald Square), a huge population of office workers, and three of New York City’s six busiest subways stops.

But the bottom-line statistic that truly demonstrates the vibrancy of our neighborhood is the consistently high number of pedestrians on our sidewalks, no matter the season or time of day. The Partnership performs pedestrian counts at various times throughout each year, and they are always impressive. The most recent counts, performed during the pre-Christmas rush in December, showed once again that retailers here can depend on thousands of potential customers eyeing their storefronts hourly.   

The counts were conducted at eight key locations in the 34th Street District on two separate workdays (Thursday, December 8 and Wednesday, December 14). On each day, we counted three times: during the morning rush (7:45am-9:15am), lunchtime (11:45am-1:15pm), and the evening rush (4:45pm-6:15pm).

We change the locations a bit each time we perform the counts to get a fuller understanding of pedestrian flows over time, and as always, the counts were strong district-wide. The busiest location this time around was the northwest corner of 34th Street and 7th Avenue. We counted, walking northbound and southbound, averages of 9,246 in the morning; 5,052 in midday, and 10,011 in the evening. We also counted at that location 2,931 walking eastbound and westbound in the morning, 3,402 at midday, and 4,179 in the evening.

Other particularly busy locations were in front of 138 West 34th Street (south side), with 5,463 walking eastbound and westbound in the morning, 4,248 at midday, and 8,124 in the evening. The north side at 47 West 34th Street also had impressive counts, with 3,036 walking eastbound and westbound in the morning, 3,462 at midday, and 6,126 in the evening. Four other locations registered peaks of more than 5,000 pedestrians in a single hour.  

For more information about retail opportunities on 34th Street, contact Dan Pisark, VP, Retail Services at 917-438-5126 or email him at dpisark@urbanmgt.com. If you would like your own copy of this and other Pedestrian Counts please contact Claire Austin at 917-438-5127 or email her at caustin@urbanmgt.com.    

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