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Holiday Shops Help Save a Farm

Revenue generated at kiosk allowed Breezy Hill Orchards to stay in business.

Erin Kestenbaum

Bryant Park Corporation recently received a letter that warmed our hearts and made it even more clear just how far the benefits of a successful park can radiate.

In a letter to Urbanspace, which operated this year’s Holiday Shops at Bank of America Winter Village, the owner of Breezy Hill Orchards explained how a late freeze last spring destroyed almost all of the farm’s apple crop. Facing a loss of revenue that threatened the farm’s very existence, the owners decided to operate a kiosk at the Holiday Shops, offering fresh-pressed cider and cider donuts.

As owner Elizabeth Seton Ryan wrote, that move “saved the farm. When the opportunity came through at Bryant Park, it literally felt like a miracle”. Bryant Park is a magical place, and just being there is special.  The booth is small but we are making it work. We are paying bills and supporting an entire community of farmers and employees.”   

Passionate operators like Ms. Ryan are what keeps the Holiday Shops a cut above other local holiday markets. Find out for yourself. Breezy Hill Orchard is one of ten Holiday Shop vendors extending their stay through the entire Winter Village season. 

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