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It’s February, and that means fashion-conscious New Yorkers have their eyes on two seasons. Of immediate concern is assembling that spring wardrobe – believe it or not, it will soon be time for lighter fabrics and more vibrant colors, and it’s never too early to start getting ready.

But we’re also in the middle of New York Fall Fashion Week 2017, and so far-sighted fashionista are keeping an eye on what’s happening on the runways. Fortunately, the 34th Street Partnership social media team are experienced pros and can help guide you through both seasons.

Make it a daily habit to check our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for news on fashions, shows, and other happenings, both on the runways and in the stores on 34th Street. Our staff are veterans of many Fashion Weeks, and probably know 34th Street better than anyone, so we invite everyone to take advantage of their experience.

You’ll learn more than just fashion on our social media outlets. They’re jam-packed with photos and information about 34th Street, and can point you to unexpected treasures, like the gorgeous vintage Art-Deco façade of the old A.S. Beck shoe store at 123 West 34th, recently uncovered during renovation work. 

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