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Engaged Board Members Make a Difference

Our Boards of Directors are crucial to the success of our organization and our two districts.

Angelito Jusay

Public-private management entities such as 34th Street Partnership and Bryant Park Corporation are made possible by the voluntary contributions of our constituents, a group consisting of building owners, business owners, and residents in our districts. While each of these constituents have a real stake in our success, some go the extra mile and join our Boards of Directors.

34th Street and Bryant Park are fortunate to have energetic, engaged Boards of Directors who carve time out from busy professional and personal lives to help guide us as we strive to make our neighborhoods clean, safe, and engaging. On each board sits members from all three groups – building owners, business owners, and residents – and we appreciate the interest and time they put in.

We appreciate their enthusiasm at our twice-yearly board meetings, where they provide us with great advice, but many go above and beyond attending meetings. Our Directors serve as additional eyes on the street for us. Since ours is a shared success, many members constantly look for signs of unsatisfactory conditions on the streets and sidewalks, and hardly a week goes by that we don’t receive a communication from one of them alerting us to such a condition for us to help resolve.

Engagement such as this makes a difference in dynamic urban neighborhood with so many moving parts. With economic and demographic forces continually bringing change to Midtown Manhattan, we’re grateful to have slates of hard-working professionals on our boards.   

To apply to sit on our boards, you can download our 2017 Membership Registration forms online for Bryant Park here and for 34th Street here.   

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