34th Street


Replacing Precious Trees

Trees let urban neighborhoods breathe, so we act quickly when they need replacing.

Angelito Jusay

Street trees are vital to busy urban neighborhoods such as 34th Street. Besides providing needed shade, healthy trees keep ambient air cooler by reducing solar gain, remove pollution from the air, intercept storm water, and conserve energy. Well-maintained trees also enhance property values by adding aesthetic appeal. In short, they are a precious resource.

Our Horticulture Department is currently working to replace three trees in the 34th Street District that have been damaged beyond repair. Through an agreement with NYC Parks Department, the Partnership is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and treatment of 160 trees in our district. To augment our efforts, we also enlist the services of certified arborists to treat and protect the trees. When one becomes damaged or compromised, it’s important to replace it as soon as practical.

With all the construction occurring on booming 34th Street, replacing up to three trees yearly has, unfortunately, become the norm. Despite Ms. Hackett’s preference for trees that tolerate urban conditions and that have canopies that resist damage from cars and trucks – including American elm, Chinese elm, pin oak, Japanese zelkova and locust – damage still occurs all too often.

Contact with cars and trucks aren’t the only hazard urban trees face. Scaffolding is the leading cause of tree damage on 34th Street, while carbon monoxide and construction also take their toll. You can help. If you see a damaged tree, give us a call. Similarly, please notify us before building a sidewalk shed. With just a little advisement, we can work to avoid tree damage. You can reach us at 212-719-3434, and we will gladly provide assistance. 

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