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25 Years of 34th Street Partnership

Since 1992, Partnership staff have made it their mission to turn 34th Street into the vibrant, bustling neighborhood it is today.

Angelito Jusay

This is a big year for the 34th Street Partnership, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. We began operations on January 1, 1992, and ever since we have worked to make 34th Street cleaner, safer, and a better place to do business.  

An article in the December 29, 1991 edition of The New York Times took an interesting tack on the coming organization. “A Cast of 100; 34th Street in ’92 Uplift” was the headline, referring to the number of employees the new organization had under employment at the time. “Over 100 people will be starting new jobs on Jan. 1, when the 34th Street Partnership, one of the nation's largest business improvement districts, comes into existence in mid-Manhattan.” Job creation is always a goal, but it’s what those jobs would entail that was most important. New York City was just starting to emerge from its long slump at the time, and business improvement districts were a key factor in the turnaround.  

BIDs were a relatively new phenomenon at the time, and the idea for 34th Street Partnership was approved by then-Mayor David Dinkins as a way of ensuring that the District would be ready to host thousands of visitors in the summer of that year who would attend the Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden.

A lot has happened on 34th Street since then: the crime rate has fallen to historic lows, Herald and Greeley Square were lavishly renovated in 2002 and now host thousands of shoppers and office workers daily, dozens of national and international retailers have opened stores, and the dining scene has improved immeasurably.

Our staff looks forward to another 25 years, and beyond, of working to continually improve the District for residents, visitors, office workers, and businesses alike. 

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