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Spring Horticulture Treatments

In just a few weeks, 34th Street will be blooming with all sorts of colorful flowers.

Angelito Jusay

The spring flower treatment on 34th Street is a complex presentation of layers and textures, and it takes a bit of planning. It began back in October, when the Horticulture team, led by Director Maureen Hackett, placed 5,000 daffodil and tulip bulbs in the garden beds at Herald and Greeley Square Parks. Those have been lying dormant all winter, but with these mild temperatures, they should be popping up soon.

Next week, the annual installation of forced bulbs begins. Crews will first place pansy bulbs into the District’s 120 treepits, then turn their attention to planters. The 150 planters owned by NYC DOT but maintained by the Partnership will get daffodils, as will the 23 planters in front of the entrance to Macy’s Herald Square. For the Partnership’s own 365 planters, plus 18 owned by Vornado at Penn Plaza, Hackett has chosen daffodils and Viola Cool Wave.  Lastly, the flower beds, planters, and hanging baskets at Herald and Greeley Square Parks will receive tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, and Viola Cool Wave.

This large installation will be backed up by a second wave in April, ensuring that there will be colorful flowers late into spring. 

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