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Curbing Aggressive Hawkers

Take steps to rein in overzealous ticket sellers.


Ticket sellers are a fact of urban life, and in a busy neighborhood such as 34th Street, with its world-famous landmarks and attractions, sometimes it can seem as if our sidewalks are overflowing with them. While ticket sellers serve a real function by generating legitimate business, unfortunately, too many of them act in an aggressive manner towards pedestrians and even block their passage.

This is a problem that is on the increase, and 34th Street Partnership believes that aggressive and obstructive hawking lowers the quality of life in our neighborhood. In many instances, the hawkers cross the line into illegal activity but, as the Police Department prioritizes its continuing efforts to reduce criminal activity and increase counter terrorism operations, some quality-of-life infractions such as aggressive hawking may take longer to be addressed.

There is something citizens can do. If you are verbally or otherwise accosted by a ticket seller one too many times, we ask that you call 311 and lodge your complaint, with as many specifics as you can remember.

That also goes for hawkers setting up in the middle of a sidewalk and causing disruption in the pedestrian flow. This is a problem that is not subject to immediate relief, but we believe that the city will respond if enough complaints are logged.   

If you are a building owner, store operator, or are otherwise interested in the rules and regulations guiding ticket sellers in NYC, you can find all the information at the Department of Consumer Affairs website.

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