Bryant Park


Introducing the Bryant Park Apiary

Honey bees pollinate plants, make honey, and keep to themselves.

We’re always looking to add new features to make a visit to Bryant Park even more interesting and last month, towards that goal, we installed the Bryant Park Apiary. Placed in the northwest corner of the park, the Apiary consists of two Italian honeybee hives that will be tended with the assistance of Andrew Coté, owner of Andrew’s Honey and the founder and president of the New York City Beekeepers Association.

The hives provides an exciting visual amenity for park goers, and their inhabitants will help pollinate the park’s plants and flowers while producing delicious honey that will be available at Andrew’s Honey and at Bryant Park Shop.

Bees serve an important role connecting the city’s fragmented natural ecology and increasing biodiversity, and it is our hope that our honeybees can act as a facilitator in deepening community ties and building environmental awareness.

We will also hold Beekeeping classes on the second Friday of each month through September beginning May 12, where participants will learn much more about the fascinating lives of honeybees. The classes are open to everyone, and are of special interest to gardeners and prospective beekeepers. Each session includes a brief visit to the Bryant Park Apiary and a honey tasting.  

Italian honeybees are very docile, and are far more interested in pollinating plants and making honey than in bothering park goers, even those eating lunch. The Bryant Park Apiary joins numerous other urban apiaries in the surrounding area, and will not add appreciably to the bee population. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at    


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