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Upgrading Bryant Park's WiFi

Network is faster and more dependable than ever after recent upgrades.


Bryant Park is in the midst of a major upgrade to its free WiFi network. We’re already starting to see results, and when the project is finished, we’ll have a more robust, dependable system serving the ever-increasing number of visitors wanting to log on.

We were the first public park to offer free WiFi access, and this upgrade will keep us ahead of the pack. So far the Information Services department, led by Tomo Nakanishi, has installed 12 new access points, which has increased accessibility dramatically. Still to come is the installation of two 1 GB circuits and new fiber runs that will increase the access speed even more.

With the new equipment, we counted an average of 1,233 users from April 1–25, and the equipment also counted 12,191 daily visitors to the park itself, meaning that just over 10% of visitors with active devices logged on to the network. The project is scheduled to be completed this month, ensuring that we have our strongest system ever, ready for the big summer crowds. 

We thank our neighbor Zara, located at 500 Fifth Avenue, for their generous sponsorship of our new WiFi system. 

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