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HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival Lineup Announced

The 25th season of this series features films set in New York, with some fan favorites from years past making an encore.

Angelito Jusay

As we continue to mark 25 years of the new Bryant Park, we’re approaching another milestone: on Monday, June 19, we launch the 25th season of the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival presented by Bank of America and supported by Swedish Fish, JLL, WeWork, and Time Out. Upon its debut in 1993, the series was an instant hit, but now it has become part of the very fabric of Manhattan summer fun. 

This year’s schedule was unveiled by Time Out earlier this week, and on Wednesday at the Film Festival Lineup Reveal at the Fountain Terrace. To get people in a movie-going mood, Bank of America provided free popcorn, water, and magnets with schedules printed on them, and the A-List Band provided live music.

This year’s lineup features films set in New York, with five making encore appearances to help celebrate the last 24 years of the Festival. And, new this year, WeWork is providing pre-show entertainment before each film. Here’s the schedule:

  • June 19: King Kong. Leading off is the greatest beauty and the beast movie of them all. This is the original 1933 version starring Fay Wray, and may be your only chance to watch it outdoors on the big screen, within view of the Empire State Building, which the great ape famously climbs in the climactic scene. King Kong was also on the schedule in the Festival’s inaugural year back in 1993. 

  • June 26: On the Town. The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down as Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly play sailors enjoying a 24-hour leave in New York City. Last screened in 2002.

  • July 3: The Muppets Take Manhattan. Kermit, Miss Piggy and the gang take their show to Broadway. With cameos by Art Carney, Linda Lavin, Joan Rivers, and the unstoppable Liza Minnelli.  

  • July 10: Sabrina. Audrey Hepburn thinks she loves playboy William Holden, but comes to her senses and winds up with his workaholic brother, Humphrey Bogart. First screened in 1995. 

  • July 17: Wall Street. Michael Douglas stars as cut-throat corporate raider Gordon Gekko, who tries to demonstrate to protégé Bud, played by Charlie Sheen, that “greed is good.”

  • July 24: Pillow Talk. The best of the Rock Hudson-Doris Day comedies. She’s an interior decorator, he’s a Broadway composer. They share a party line and sparks ensue. First screened in 2000.

  • July 31: The Hustler. Paul Newman is ‘Fast Eddie’ Felson and Jackie Gleason is Minnesota Fats in this gritty peek into the world of big-time pool hustling.

  • August 7: All That Jazz. Bob Fosse’s phantasmagorical, semi-autobiographical musical-drama stars Roy Scheider as a director who recounts his life from the hospital bed after a heart attack.

  • August 14: North by Northwest. Cary Grant plays an ad exec mistaken by Russian spies as a U.S. intelligence agent in Hitchcock’s thoroughly entertaining thriller. First screened in 1994.  

  • August 21: Dirty Dancing. The action moves north to the Catskills as rich girl Frances “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Grey) falls for a Catskills resort’s dance instructor (Patrick Swayze).

Besides the park’s permanent kiosks, there is a great selection of food and drink curated by Hester Street Fair available for sale at the Fountain Terrace. Participating vendors include Taiyaki NYC, Manousheh, Pokee NYC, Burger and Lobster, and Thaibird

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