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New Bryant Park Website is Live

Photos and new site organization makes planning your visit to the park a breeze.

Jane Kratochvil

Last week, Bryant Park Corporation unveiled its revamped website and we think you’ll find it informative, entertaining, and helpful in planning your visit to your favorite park.   

You’ll find the most essential information immediately, including the time, the weather, park hours, and the status of the Lawn. There’s also a link to our new and improved webcam, providing a real-time glimpse onto the park via our camera atop Bryant Park Grill.

As you scroll, you’ll find splashes for everything you can do at the park that day. Click on the accompanying photograph, and you’ll get full information for any event or amenity you’re interested in. Scroll further to find hours for all the park’s amenities, a group of links making it easy to plan your day, and more.

Links on the top of the site are broken down into the following categories:

  • Things to Do: a quick list of things to do that day along with a general calendar of events

  • Programs: a comprehensive list of all events that Bryant Park has to offer

  • Shop + Eat: all the permanent eating options at the park, plus a link to Bryant Park Shop

  • The Park: essential park information including a map and information about the park’s history and monuments

  • About Us: everything you need to know about Bryant Park Corporation’s management, including the Board, our staff, our mission statement, and information on holding an event with us

The new site is packed with ideas, photos, and information. Bookmark it now, or better yet, make it your home page, so every time you turn on your computer, you’ll be reminded that a respite from the workday is right downstairs.  

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