34th Street


Garsy Units Brighten Broadway Boulevard

Pillars of flowers spice up this busy public space.

Angelito Jusay

Visitors to Broadway Boulevard are enjoying an annual visual treat this summer: six garsy units near the entrance to Macy’s loaded with pink flowers.

These garsy units are gorgeous. At eight feet tall, they each have 12 concentric rings with compartments accommodating up to 400 live plants. This year’s treatment is with eye-popping petunia bubblegum, and the brightness of these flowers has cut right through the gloom of what until recently has been a dreary spring.

Make sure you check them out next time you’re at Broadway Boulevard. The garsy units will be there all summer. In the fall, they’ll be shipped back to the greenhouse, where they’ll be replanted. After growing strong and healthy through the winter, they’ll return to Broadway Boulevard next summer to repeat the cycle.   

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