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Bryant Park Stage Gets a Redesign

Stage is now integrated into the park's architecture and serves a magnet for lunch-goers.

The Bryant Park Stage, located at the western edge of the Lawn, has a long history of providing a venue for Broadway stars, musical groups, theatrical productions, and more for over two decades. After a redesign, this year’s version also serves as an extension of public space.

The redesign was performed with the goal of better integrating the stage into the park and making it accessible to park visitors during times when it was not being used by performers. The changes we made included the following:

  • We lowered the entire structure by one foot, making it less imposing and allowing a more intimate connection between performers and audiences.

  • We added steps on all sides of the stage, and curved them, incorporating the stage more seamlessly into the rest of the park, and creating a natural flow between it and the adjacent Fountain Terrace and Lawn.

  • The steps’ colors vary in a warm gray gradient to complement the colors of the gravel, granite, and bluestone surrounding it.

  • Placing steps on all sides makes it easier for performers to ascend to the stage. This feature reached its full potential last weekend, as members of The Drilling Company performed Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and used the steps as a natural extension of the stage.

  • The steps, to which we added flowers and bistro chairs, also extend a visual invitation for park visitors looking for a place to sit during non-performance times.

The result is that what was once a dead space when not being used for performances is now yet another active public amenity. Visitors have eagerly adopted it as a place to sit, and also use it as a vantage point from which to take photos of the park.

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