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A Sweet Surprise: Bryant Park Honey

Honey from our very own Apiary to be sold at Bryant Park Shop pop-ups and Holiday Shop kiosk.

Jane Kratochvil

The Bryant Park Apiary, located in the northwest section of the park by Heiskell Plaza and Ping Pong, wasn’t expected to produce honey this year so we were pleasantly surprised when we took 10 frames from the two hives, and delivered them to Silvermine Apiary in Connecticut, where the staff extracted nearly 45 pounds of honey.

We now have 90 8oz jars ready to go. Participants at our final Beekeeping session of the season had first dibs, but you can still get a taste of this historic harvest. Just visit the Bryant Park Shop tent at  Bryant Park Square Dance this Friday and pick up a jar of the first-ever Bryant Park Honey. Not only does it taste great, but it’s also an excellent souvenir from your favorite park.

You can also purchase Honey at the Bryant Park Shop & Info kiosk, opening up October 28 with the other Holiday Shops at Bank of America Winter Village.

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