34th Street


District Sidewalks Busy as Ever

New evening count confirms 34th Street's pedestrian counts remain strong morning to night.

Angelito Jusay

Year in and year out, 34th Street's pedestrian counts show that District retailers can always depend on a steady flow of pedestrians. We added an evening count in our latest round of data and discovered that 34th Street stays busy well past the evening rush time.  

The latest counts were conducted at six key locations in the 34th District on two workdays: Thursday, August 10 and Tuesday, August 16. Each day, we counted during four time periods: the morning rush (7:45am-9:15am), lunchtime (11:45am-1:15pm), the afternoon rush (4:45pm-6:15pm), and early evening (6:45pm – 8:15pm). For each location and time segment, we recorded average pedestrians per hour as well as peaks.  

The northwest corner of Seventh Avenue and West 34th Street proved to be a very busy location, with morning averages of 9,336 pedestrians walking northbound and southbound, and 2,787 walking eastbound and westbound. In the afternoon, the corresponding numbers were 10,737 and 3,372, and in the evening the averages were 4,110 and 2,175.

Nearby at 435 Seventh Avenue, we saw morning averages of 4,212 walking eastbound and westbound, and 2,958 walking northbound and southbound; and corresponding afternoon averages of 6,033 and 3,507. Foot traffic stayed heavy into the evening there as well, with averages of 4,212 and 2,535.  

As expected, most locations registered their highest totals during the morning and afternoon rushes, but we were pleased to see strong counts at lunchtime and in the evening throughout the neighborhood as well.

The consistency of our pedestrians counts over time is a powerful testament to the continuing vibrancy of 34th Street.  If you would like your own copy of the entire report, email Claire Austin at caustin@urbanmgt.com, or call her at 917-438-5127.

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