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Empire State Building to Relocate Observatory Entrance

Switch will both reduce congestion in the lobby and bring more pedestrians to 34th Street retailers.

Angelito Jusay

Empire State Realty Trust recently announced its intention to relocate the iconic building’s Observatory entrance from Fifth Avenue to 34th Street, a move that will streamline the process for Observatory visitors, reduce lobby congestion for the building’s office workers, and will also be a benefit to retailers on 34th Street.

As ESRT’s Thomas P. Durels explained in Real Estate Weekly, “With the relocation of the Observatory entrance, our 34th Street shops will see more than 4 million annual shoppers, comprised of international and domestic tourists, passing by their front doors…” That also means four million less persons in the buildings main lobby annually.

We salute ESRT for this decision. The Empire State Building is still NYC’s greatest icon, and it brings millions of people, from all over the world, to the 34th Street District. Making a visit to the Observatory simpler and more pleasant for visitors is a great move in itself, and we couldn’t be more pleased that our constituents on 34th will benefit as well.

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