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Illustrations Bring Bryant Park Presents to Life

Artist Joan Chiverton produced beautiful imagery of this season's biggest events.

Joan Chiverton
Matthew Eisman

Bryant Park Presents enjoyed a highly successful sophomore season in 2017 and has now taken its place as one of our most popular summer programs. This eclectic but consistently high-quality series brings performances and audiences together in a festive atmosphere with no lines, no tickets, great views, and plenty of seating.

This season, more than 60,000 New Yorkers and visitors from around the world enjoyed exquisite dance, theater, and music events performed by over 400 artists. Visitors also had a great time at Friday Picnics, which combined performances with the opportunity to sprawl on the Lawn and enjoy a feast.

To capture the wonderful atmosphere that prevailed this season, we hired the highly accomplished sketch artist Joan Chiverton to bring her tools to the park and put her impressions on canvas. The result is an eye-pleasing, evocative gallery of images that capture the essence of people enjoying one of the treasures of urban life: great art performances in a gorgeous park. If you want to relive your experience, or are curious to see what it was all about, check out our Facebook page. You can also view Ms. Chiverton’s work on her website, and on Instagram.  

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