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Target Celebrates Grand Opening at Herald Square Park

Welcome the retail giant to the neighborhood at an event this Friday.

A new era begins on 34th Street later this week, as Target opens its 43,000-square foot store at 112 West 34th on Friday, October 20. To celebrate its arrival in NYC’s most exciting retail district, the store is “taking over” Herald Square Park on opening day.

New York City will be the theme of the promotion, and Target is filling the park with charming giveaways featuring fanciful versions of iconic features of Big Apple life. A “newsstand” will distribute free MetroCard holders stuffed with coupons, a “fresh fruit stand” will give away cleverly packaged hand-sanitizer, and free mini-shaving cream samples will be available at a “shaved ice stand.”  All of this and more will make a visit to Herald Square entertaining and worth your while on October 20.  

Target is very excited to be part of the 34th Street scene and is making that known by placing “Target loves Herald Square” messages on tables, chairs, and barricade covers throughout the 34th Street pedestrian plazas until November 29. 34th Street Partnership is pleased to welcome the store to the neighborhood, and wish the company a long and prosperous run here. We urge everyone to drop by on Friday and help us celebrate.   

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