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Looking Back on Birding Tours

Highlights of another great season include two first-time sightings.

Angelito Jusay

Fall Birding Tours, conducted by Gabriel Willow of NYC Audubon, wound up a busy season on Thursday, October 19 with a session that notched sightings of a Rock Pigeon, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, a Common Yellowthroat, and a White-throated Sparrow. For the season, the big news was the addition of two new first-sightings: a Spotted Sandpiper on September 18 and a Virginia Rail on September 21, bringing the number of unique species spotted at Bryant Park to 126.

The Virginia Rail, a small bird with a long reddish bill, was actually spotted by Bryant Park staff in the southeast corner of the park, seemingly stunned. Mr. Willow reported the bird’s condition to NYC Audubon Executive Director Kathryn Heintz, who in turn brought it to the Wild Bird Fund, an organization that rehabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife before releasing them back into the wilds of NYC.

You can view a complete list of sightings for each date during the current session and check out for a list of every unique species spotted at Bryant Park, including dates for both the first sighting, and the most recent sighting, for each species.

We offer many thanks to Mr. Willow and Audubon NYC for making this such a successful series. After their sojourn, down south, the birds will be heading back to northern climes next spring, and Mr. Willow will be back to spot those resting at our Spring Birding Tours.  

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