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Try Broomball at The Rink

Give the sport a try tomorrow, then sign up for our league in early 2018.

Jane Kratochvil

Tomorrow at 12:30pm–2pm, The Rink at Bank of America Winter Village is hosting the first-ever Broomball Open House, free and open anyone who wants to try their hand at this fun sport.

What’s Broomball? The answer is fairly simple: hockey without skates. Two teams, each member sporting a Broomball stick, face each other on the ice and try to get the ball into the opposing goal. Though played on ice, the contestants wear sneakers, not skates. That means anyone can play and no skating experience is necessary.

Tomorrow’s Broomball Open House is conducted by ZogSports. Just drop in on your lunch break and give Broomball a try.  If you like it, we invite you to register for our six-week league, also presented by ZogSports, that begins in January.

You can sign up as full team, or as a free agent. Register by November 9 and save 14%, and all registration ends on December 7. Click here for full details and links to registration.  


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