Bryant Park


Getting the Lawn Right

We will adjust our sprinkler system and perfect our lawn watering routine over the next few weeks.

The Lawn is now in place at Bryant Park, and once again, we are hoping for some sunny days to spark root growth for the sod. In the meantime, through early spring, we’ll experiment with our sprinkler system to find just the right watering routine for the lawn.

Our watering system includes 34 independent-acting sprinkler heads, each of which can be controlled manually or by a computerized system. First, we’ll confirm that all parts are functioning. Then, we’ll experiment with different watering variations to see how the sprinkler and drainage systems perform. Our goal is to keep the lawn adequately watered while leaving the rest of the park dry, so don’t be surprised to see some seemingly odd sprinkler patterns over the next few weeks while we work out the system’s quirks.

With a sodded lawn such as Bryant Park’s, crews are presented with a slightly different substrate to install upon each year. It’s a challenge that we gladly accept because presenting a pristine, resilient lawn where visitors can eat lunch, enjoy music, participate in classes, or just relax, is one of our most important responsibilities.        

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