Bryant Park / 34th Street

Supervisory and Administrative Staff

Our executive staff works tirelessly on behalf of three public space management organizations.

Accounting and Administration

Peter Ciriello, Inessa Kanevskaya, Claire Austin, Maureen Devenny.

They keep a busy office humming along, welcome visitors, answer phones, and make sure everyone gets paid.

Capital Projects

Craig LaCaruba, Donald Bussolini, Robert Crews Sr., Richard DeRancy, Scott Giles, Anthony Jones, David Martin.

“Painting the Golden Gate Bridge” is an apt metaphor for what the capital projects team does for the physical plant in our districts. They track the condition of thousands of pieces of street furniture, direct installations and repairs, ensure that our public spaces are well-lit, keep Bryant Park’s bluestone pavers in tip-top shape and much, much more.


Ignacio Ciocchini, Julie Ember, Alexandra Gonzalez, Alvin Kong, Eric Mueller, Neha Sabnis.

Among other projects, our designers helped Bank of America put a new stamp on Winter Village, worked with Nuchas and Wafels & Dinges to refit food kiosks in Herald and Greeley, and twice reworked the kiosk at Bryant Park – once for Magnum, and once for ’wichcraft. They also picked up honors from the Good Design Awards, International Downtown Association, and German Design Council.


Ethan Lercher, Alice Cashman, Nina Coveney, Sarah Stutman, Rossini Yen.

This tireless team is always looking for interesting and revenue-generating events to bring to our public spaces. They also make the deals, handle the talent, direct the set-ups, and help produce the events.


Maureen Hackett, Amadou Thiam.

Seasonal horticulture adds visual excitement, color, and drama to our parks and streets. Our superb horticulture leadership team combines respect for the past with a passion for innovation. 

Information Systems

George Townley, Stephen Novak.

In Chelsea, our information systems team launched the first neighborhood-wide free WiFi zone. They also created a website for Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park. For the year, more than 1.4 million people logged on to our three companies’ free WiFi networks. 


Jerome Barth, Sara Nordmann, Dana Rock, Brian Schliessman, Kaitlin Solomon, Amanda Wigen.

“Operations” covers a lot of territory in our office. This team seeks new sponsorships, manages park programs and dining venues, maintains the Bryant Park lawn, and helps to develop our social media presence. 

Retail Services

Dan Pisark, Anne Kumer,Patricia Lewis, Susan Lynch.

Retail Services saw its efforts to attract national and international retailers to 34th Street pay off, and then some. The district’s retail profile has never been stronger, especially with Urban Outfitters coming to 1333 Broadway.

Tourism and Visitor Services

Paul Romero, Nancy Ng, Quentin Robbins, Susie Sigel.

The Reading Room and Le Carrousel enjoyed record attendance in 2013, thanks to the efforts of this group. Visitors to Bryant Park and 34th Street could count on friendly, multi-lingual greeters at our information kiosks, as well.   


Monty Baird, Noel Campbell, Vincent Degennaro, Robert Doctor, Sharon Edwards, Robert Ferrieri, Philip Hall, Thomas Pridgen, Adolph Stampfel, Victor Velez.

Keeping public spaces clean and free of hazards takes dedication and a keen eye. These are the folks who follow weather reports, scour our districts for signs of wear and tear, and direct our superb sanitation teams.


Richard Dillon, James Albert, Carlos Antomattei, Vincent Conroy, Charles Gordon, Fred Horn, John Lyke, Miguel Ramos, Hugh Ross, Daniel Svenelid, James Todd.

Our security crews are calm, decisive, and friendly, and those qualities are instilled from the top. Their professionalism and excellent working relationship with NYPD help keep our public spaces safe.  

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The 9.6 acre park is maintained by a diligent staff.


31-blocks in Midtown Manhattan receive supplementary services by a robust crew.


Our in-house sanitation staff and two committed supervisors are key elements in this successful neighborhood.


"Bryant Park, 34th Street, and Southwest Chelsea are widely known as some of the best-managed public spaces in the world, and that's a tribute to our talented, dedicated, and tireless staff. After another outstanding year in 2013, we salute them, offer our gratitude, and look forward to 2014." - Dan Biederman

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