Bryant Park

Bryant Park Corporation

The 9.6 acre park is maintained by a diligent staff.


Dwaine Coggins, Robert Guillebeaux, Makoto Iizuka, Brian Moss.

Our team keeps 30,000 sq. ft. of garden beds and 2,000 sq. ft. of perimeter flower beds stocked with seasonal flowers and evergreens; maintains 200 planters; and maintains our magnificent London Plane trees.

Le Carrousel

Jenae Bailey, Arturo Caranay, Michael Floyd, Dorin Gaddy, Nyaisha Giles, Mildred Griffin, Frances Miksits, David Palinkas.

The city’s most charming merry-go-round set yet another record for ridership in 2013, and we have to think it’s because of the total experience: a great carousel, surrounded by a beautiful park, and operated by this friendly, enthusiastic group.  

Sanitation and Hospitality

Monty Baird, Walter Brewster, Shawn Brown, Vanessa Cargo, Kenrick Carvan, Anthony Crews, Evanston Crichlow, Hashawn Fisher, Abraham Fisher, Gregory Garrett, Frank Goldwire, Daniel Gordon, Steven Grant, Jermaine Humber, Donna Johnson, Lawrence Lindo, Ciriaco Lopez Vidal, Ronald Lynch, Roysie Mahadeo, Alberto Melendez, Anthony Mims, Guillermo Reyes Lopez, Joseph Rice, Zita Rodriguez, Tania Roman, Antoinette Smalls, Llydon Thomas,  Francisco Torres, Matthew Troupe, Jose Vega, Elvis Vicente, Carl Wright, Richard Zinnermon.

Bryant Park is always immaculate thanks to the efforts of our sanitation team. Their daily work is impressive, and after a major event or some extreme weather, they have the park back in prime condition quickly.  


Ashton Arthur, Ferdinand Clarke, Oscar Collymore, Harry Diaz, John Groves, Melvin Jones, Anibal Lluberes, Osbaldo Ocasio, Joel Olavarria, Herbert Sewell, Raj Singhnani, Preston Votor. 

Bryant Park is one of the safest public spaces on the globe. Morning, afternoon, and night, our security team is on the lookout for troublesome behavior or distressed visitors. Many a park patron has been gratefully reunited with a valuable item they left at the park that was found and kept safe by our staff.

Visitor Services

Gustavo Idrovo, Henry Zhong.

Bryant Park is a busy place, and there are lots of people who need information, quickly. Whether asking for the nearest restroom, about an event or amenity at Bryant Park, or for directions to other places in the city, visitors can depend on the expertise of the folks staffing the Bryant Park information cart. 

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31-blocks in Midtown Manhattan receive supplementary services by a robust crew.


Our in-house sanitation staff and two committed supervisors are key elements in this successful neighborhood.


"Bryant Park, 34th Street, and Southwest Chelsea are widely known as some of the best-managed public spaces in the world, and that's a tribute to our talented, dedicated, and tireless staff. After another outstanding year in 2013, we salute them, offer our gratitude, and look forward to 2014." - Dan Biederman

Our executive staff works tirelessly on behalf of three public space management organizations.

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