34th Street

34th Street Partnership

31-blocks in Midtown Manhattan receive supplementary services by a robust crew.


Fayez Fakhry Abd, Kalam Abul, Wali Ahmed, Washington Amores, Tanuos Bakhit, Brahim Belhaj, Mustapha Belkadi, Mokhfi Benotmane, Lahcen Boujia, Abdeljalil Bourroumane, Taoufik Boutahar, Damien Bowman, Kirwin Campbell, Juan Carabajo, Cesar Chamorro, Jorge Coello-Alvarez, Elhoucine Dahani, Camilo Delgado, Jilali Douny, Driss Elgharfaoui, Abderrahim Fahmi, Gamal Fame, John Glenn, Estanislao Guevara Diaz, Adly M.Hana, George Hanna, Hanna Hanna,  Michael Hiraldo, Abdelhak Houasse,  Humphrey Jackman, Jato Jenkins, Juan Lema, Udayan Madan, Moawad Mikhail, David Miller, Bart Mongello, Abderrahim Mraihy, Winston Mundle, Said Njim, Jorge Nunez, Orlando Ortiz,  Youseef Ouachtouki, Lloyd Parsons, Jorge Perez, Glenford Plummer, Ali Qareche, Nelson Rivera, Abraham Rodriguez, Jorge Ruiz, Semen Rutman, Emil Sefien, Allen Singleton, Victor Toppin, Tijani Toufik, Xavier Ubilla, Otton Ulloa Valdiviezo, Victor Vergara, Neville Welch, Nofrizal Yahya, Dwayne Zinnermon.

Every day, rain, snow, or shine, the 34th Street District is ready for business, thanks to our sanitation crew. They sweep sidewalks, collect trash, keep an eye peeled for danger zones, paint our streetscape elements, and clear the sidewalks of snow and ice. Always ready to pitch in a bit extra when needed, they are indispensable in keeping the city’s most vibrant retail apparel district in fine trim.   


James Bellevue, Desmond Bentinck, Colin Bostick, Marvin Culler, Jean Daniels, Reginald Dorsainvil, Derrick Everett, John Footman, Wayne Harvey, Ernest Jean, Jermaine Johnakin, Julian Joseph, Ayman Khedr, Gardner Luciano, Clinton McLaren, Fredrick Morgan, Juan Perez, Charles Peters, Aubrey Pollydore, Mohamed Rohoman, Labrue Saxton, Adolphus Stewart.

The crime rate on 34th Street continues to diminish. 34th Street Partnership provides enhanced security throughout the 31-block district, looking for signs of trouble and immediately notifying NYPD if they find it.

Taxi Dispatchers

Euzebel Abellard, Wilford Blaise, Jean Exorphe, Rawle Fredericks, Ousmane Khoule, Yves Masse, Lesly Pierre, Shane Ross, Stevie Simmons.

The scene outside Madison Square Garden after a big game or event, can be chaotic, to say the least. Bringing some much-needed order are our polite and energetic taxi dispatchers. Thanks to them, people needing a cab know they’ll be home soon.

Visitor Services

Mustapha Ahandour, Mustapha Amghar, Digna Estrella, Thomas Lota, Holly Mitchell, Suzana Muslic, Janina Ozra, Diana Saco, Jessica Simon,  Maricel Zambrano, Henry Zhong.

34th Street’s jaunty, award-winning information kiosks are staffed by bright people with three outstanding characteristics: a working knowledge of 34th Street and beyond; fluency in at least two languages; and a joy in helping visitors find their way.

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The 9.6 acre park is maintained by a diligent staff.


Our in-house sanitation staff and two committed supervisors are key elements in this successful neighborhood.


"Bryant Park, 34th Street, and Southwest Chelsea are widely known as some of the best-managed public spaces in the world, and that's a tribute to our talented, dedicated, and tireless staff. After another outstanding year in 2013, we salute them, offer our gratitude, and look forward to 2014." - Dan Biederman

Our executive staff works tirelessly on behalf of three public space management organizations.

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