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2013 Almanac Edition

It was another productive, event-filled, and prosperous year for Bryant Park Corporation, 34th Street Partnership, and Chelsea Improvement Company. This special edition of MidCity News recounts the events, achievements, and people who make our public spaces among the cleanest, safest, and most interesting in the world.


Erin Kestenbaum

We welcomed these new sponsors for continuing programs:

  • Bank of America (Bank of America Winter Village and HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival)
  • Wall Street Journal (HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival)
  • Magnum Ice Cream (HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival)
  • Bryant Park Yoga returned with a new sponsor (Athleta), producer (alignyo), and instructors and assistants (YogaWorks).

We were pleased to receive these honors:

  • Good Design Awards for Ignacio Ciocchini’s Bryant Park litter receptacles and CityBench.
  • Downtown Achievement Award from the International Downtown Association to Chelsea Improvement Company for the CityBench. 
  • Spark Award to Bryant Park Corporation for Southwest Porch design. 
  • Nomination for German Design Awards from the German Design Council for Ciocchini’s litter receptacles and CityBench.

And we mourn the passing of important leaders in the Bryant Park and 34th Street families:

  • Master C.K. Chu, whose dedication and enthusiasm made Bryant Park Tai Chi the most successful outdoor tai chi program in NYC, passed away on October 13.  
  • Former Mayor Ed Koch, who provided crucial support in Bryant Park Corporation’s fledgling years, passed away on February 1.
  • Michael J. Close, a member of the 34th Street Partnership’s Board of Directors, died unexpectedly on February 7.

Our congratulations go out to Bryant Park/34th Street alumnus Ed Janoff, who was named head of Brooklyn’s Open Space Alliance. We also extend our heartfelt wishes for the full recovery of the two men who were injured during a senseless act of violence at Bryant Park in November.


NYC Department of Transportation
Chelsea Improvement Company


CityBench designed by: Ignacio Ciocchini, Industrial Designer


Manufactured by: Landscapeforms / Studio 431
Sales: Denise Smith, (800) 430-6206, ext 1331

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