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Coins in Lowell Fountain from Around the World

Annual harvest of coins indicates Bryant Park's fame.

Bryant Park Corporation’s maintenance team recently completed its annual cleaning of the Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Fountain, and in doing so, collected $3,233.61 in coins that park patrons tossed in during 2013. That’s the second-highest total ever (we collected $3,419.22 in 2012). A look at the bounty indicates that Bryant Park’s fame just keeps spreading.

While Canadian coins and Euros again topped the list, we collected coins from 31 foreign countries and from six continents. All the money we collect goes directly toward the maintenance of the fountain, and just about covers the cost of, well, removing the coins from it. That’s a deal we’ll gladly make.    

The newly-cleaned fountain is now operating again, and is one of the few fountains in the city to flow through the winter. The next time the temperature really drops, visit the park and take a look – Arctic vortexes and working fountains combine to make some amazing images, as noted in past years.  

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