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Recycling Program Gets Boost from Alcoa Foundation

$50,000 grant helps the park maintain its recycling program.

A $50,000 contribution from the Alcoa Foundation will ensure that Bryant Park’s recycling of aluminum and glass containers, newspapers, cardboard, and plastic continues unabated. The park’s 6 million annual visitors leave 30 tons of recyclable trash. In 2014, the goal is to recycle 10,950 pounds of aluminum cans, and 50,000 pounds of other materials (glass, paper).

“This grant from Alcoa Foundation will help Bryant Park continue one of its most important programs,” said Dan Biederman, President, Bryant Park Corporation. “The park’s ever-increasing popularity means more refuse, and we’re committed to doing our part to ease the burden on the environment.” We offer Alcoa many thanks for this generous gift.

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