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Results of 2013 Community Satisfaction Survey

Sanitation, horticulture, and restroom cleanliness ranked high in public survey.

Late in 2013, Bryant Park released its annual Community Satisfaction Survey to gauge awareness of and satisfaction with the services provided by Bryant Park Corporation. 92 park patrons, property owners, and nearby office workers completed the survey, providing us with invaluable information regarding our services and programs.

We were pleased to learn that 43% of respondents visit the park at least once a week, and another 35% make it at least once a month. These statistics tell us that we are fulfilling our prime directive: providing a haven for busy New Yorkers, commuters, and visitors.

Respondents also demonstrated high awareness of our programs and services. 65% of respondents were aware of or have taken part in Bank of America Winter Village, HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival, Bryant Park Reading Room, and our array of free activities (Ping Pong, Pétanque, Chess, Bryant Park Games).

Our services were on average rated 8 or higher on a scale of 1 – 10, including sanitation, security, horticulture, our famous public restrooms, and furniture and equipment. The park’s food offerings, including Bryant Park Grill and Café, the ’wichcraft kiosks, and Southwest Porch, earned similar marks.

As we were the first public park in NYC to offer free WiFi, we were quite pleased to learn that 74% of respondents had utilized this service. An impressive 83% of respondents follow us on Twitter.

Lastly, we asked the public for their comments and received many insightful suggestions and observations. Here’s one that especially touched us: Responding to the question, “What are the most important issues to be addressed in Bryant Park today?” one patron wrote: “Everything is pretty much perfect. I guess just striving to keep it that way.”

You can count on it.

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