Bryant Park


New Winter Sign System

Navigate Bryant Park's winter wonderland easily, with fall and winter specific wayfinding signs. The seasonal panels can be quickly interchanged come spring and summer.

The emergence of Bryant Park as a year-round destination has been a remarkable development. Our winter program is one of the mainstays of the Manhattan holiday scene, and has made the park as popular in the winter as it is in the summer.  

With the continuing success of Bank of America Winter Village, it became apparent that we needed to help orient the thousands of daily visitors who come to enjoy a set of amenities much different than those offered in the warm weather. To that end, last year Bryant Park’s design team developed fall-winter maps of the park to be placed onto our existing sign system of seven large wayfinding signs, five smaller wayfinding signs, and six history panels.

William Cook, who created the summer illustration of the park for the sign system, worked under the design team’s direction to modify the maps to best depict the park’s winter configuration. The resulting attractive, informative maps show all of the features of Bank of America Winter Village, including The Rink, Celsius, and the Holiday Shops, as well as the park’s year-round attractions, concessions, and monuments.

The sign system was designed so that the fall-winter map panels can be quickly and easily removed, and replaced with the spring-summer map panels at the end of the Winter Village season.    

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