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Taxi Stands Keep People Moving Along

34SP's professional dispatchers bring order to three busy neighborhood locations.

Marco Castro

34th Street Partnership operates three taxi stands to serve the many travelers and event spectators at the Penn Station-Madison Square Garden complex: at 32nd Street and Seventh Avenue; 33rd Street and Eighth Avenue; and, most recently, on 31st Street midblock between Seventh and Eighth Avenues. The stands are staffed with professional dispatchers, 7:15am-11:00pm, seven days a week, with the unit at 32nd Street open until midnight when there is an event at MSG.

The 31st Street taxi stand, funded by Amtrak and operated by 34th Street Partnership, returned in January after a two-year hiatus made necessary by the billion-dollar renovation of Madison Square Garden. Amtrak has placed an awning at the stand to protect those waiting for taxis from rain and snow. At the other two locations, state-of-the-art kiosks designed by Ignacio Ciocchini offer dispatchers a 360’ view of the surroundings.

Our dispatchers perform a vital function by organizing crowds of folks eager to move on, giving them confidence that they will soon be on their way, and seeing them off safely.

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