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Spring at Last Comes to Midtown

Despite being pushed back due to cold temperatures, the first round of spring planting in Bryant Park is now complete. We've installed fresh sod for the lawn, and planted daffodils and pansies in over 200 park planters.

Doug Todd

Efforts to install the 2014 Bryant Park lawn were hampered by cold temperatures and bad weather, frustrating BPC Park Manager Brian Schliessman and the rest of our staff. Once temperatures rose though, he wasted no time. On Saturday, March 22, Mr. Schliessman directed crews in unrolling lush sod, creating Manhattan’s largest expanse of greensward south of Central Park.

Next, we will hope for many sunny days and a bit of rain to help the sod develop strong roots. Then, the next step will be to open the lawn to the public. We usually aim to do so by May 1, and that’s still our goal, but we’re going to need some decent weather in order to achieve it.

The lawn is not the only good news. We’ve begun to see some hardy daffodils pushing their way through the soil in our garden beds. Just before the sod was rolled out, Director of Horticulture Maureen Hackett oversaw the installation of daffodils in the park’s 200 planters, as well as blue and pink pansies. Next month, Ms. Hackett will direct a second spring planting, this time with pink tulips and blue hyacinth for the planters and, for the entrances and plazas, accents of Algerian Ivy.

This year, Ms. Hackett salvaged the boxwoods that were used at Bank of America Winter Village and repurposed them to create borders around our garden beds in the southeast and southwest corners of the park. She also directed a replenishing of gravel at various parts of the park to make sure it is evenly spread and well-placed.

Shake off some cobwebs by coming to the park, even for just a few minutes, and see these signs of spring. If you simply cannot leave your desk, remember, you can always view the activity at Bryant Park through our webcam.

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