34th Street


Time to Move It Outside

Bulbs are sprouting at Herald and Greeley Square Parks.

As if the consistently below-normal temperatures weren’t bad enough, this year’s cool weather has also hindered the growth of spring plants on 34th Street. 34th Street Partnership Director of Horticulture Maureen Hackett estimates that the weather delayed the blooming of our spring flowers by about ten days. Fortunately, things are looking up. It’s been a long wait, but the bulbs are finally sprouting at Herald and Greeley Square Parks.  

With their garden beds, planters, and hayracks springing to life, now is a great time to visit the parks. Having lunch or a break outside once or twice during the work week is positively therapeutic, especially when the horticulture is popping as it is, so we implore you to take advantage of these urban oases.    

You can bring your lunch to Herald or Greeley, of course, but we also suggest you visit the food kiosks. With Wafels and Dinges at Herald Square and Nuchas at Greeley Square, visitors have two outstanding choices.

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