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Participate in NYC Audubon's Lights Out New York

Turn out office lights to ease travel for birds flying through New York City during spring migratory season, April 1 through June 1.

New York City Audubon.

New York City sits at the crossroads of major migratory routes, which means that every spring and fall, thousands of birds pass through the Big Apple. Unfortunately, our famous skyline is not so great for these avian travelers.

New York City Audubon estimates that 90,000 birds are killed yearly in the city as a result of colliding with glass in buildings as they migrate to and from their breeding grounds. Many birds are disoriented by the illuminated structures, since bright light can override their natural navigational cues.

To help alleviate this problem, New York City Audubon is urging New York building owners to participate in Lights Out New York. From April 1 through June 1, which is high spring migratory season, building managers are asked to see that the lights in their buildings are turned off after midnight. Furthermore, NYC Audubon asks that lights are turned off on unoccupied floors and in unused spaces; that blinds are drawn from dusk to dawn; that people working late turn off overhead lights and use task lighting; and that bird collisions are reported to NYC Audubon at 212-691-7483.

34th Street Partnership urges all office building owners and managers in the district to participate. Not only will this help save some birds’ lives, it will also save on energy costs. Vornado Realty Trust, which owns eleven properties in the district, is one of the leading participants in this effort, and we salute the company for its contribution to the project.

Lights Out New York is sponsored and organized by New York City Audubon, in collaboration with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, Building Owners and Managers Association of New York and the Real Estate Board of New York.

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