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New Digital Sign at Jack's World

Modern sign at 110 West 32nd Street welcomes commuters entering the district from Penn Station.

When the owners of Jack’s World/Jack’s 99 Cent store at 110 West 32nd Street decided to install a new sign on the store’s façade, they took the long view. Instead of simply refurbishing the existing sign, Jack’s made a significant investment by installing a state-of-the-art 10mm digital billboard display.

Jack’s realized that West 32nd St is a gateway street into the city from Penn Station, and that a modern "message center" would greatly improve the streetscape of West 32nd Street and provide an entertaining form of communication to the hundreds of thousands of commuters that use this corridor on a daily basis.  

In addition to the new sign, Jack’s commissioned a restoration company to clean the façade of the building. It is looking sharp and is now on par with the many new and improved buildings that have appeared on West 32nd Street over the last five years. For a peek, check out Tricia Lewis’ post about Jack’s World at Fashion Herald.

We appreciate the pride that Jack’s ownership takes in the building, applaud their vision, and wish them a long and successful run at the address.

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