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International Press Looks to Bryant Park Model

European reporters impressed by the park's accessibility, programming, and inviting feel.

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Bryant Park has been a symbol of urban renewal for over two decades, and its story is well known across the country. More and more, though, we’re finding articles in foreign publications that tell our story. Two excellent ones were recently published in Europe. 

“Bryant Park is a flexible and accessible park”, Stockholm Vice Mayor Ulla Hamilton is quoted in Sweden’s  SvD News. That accurate, if prosaic, description undergirds a more important story, namely that Ms. Hamilton is looking at Bryant Park as a model for the Swedish capital’s Royal Gardens when it undergoes an extensive remodeling and renovation project. Ms. Hamilton is hopeful that the new Royal Gardens will be a place that presents public events well and also provides passive space for visitors, and sees Bryant Park as an exemplar.   

Over at the Luxembourger Wort, an extensive article titled “Bryant Park: An Oasis in the Middle of Manhattan” tells the now-familiar story of the park’s dramatic rescue by the Bryant Park Corporation and its current status as a place with an endless selection of events going on all year-round.

It’s not just European journalists. Visiting from Canada, Gordon Sinclair of the Winnipeg Free Press “chanced upon” the park on his visit to the Big Apple and wrote that “Bryant Park is an inviting green space in the heart of New York City.” 

In Japan, reporters at Fujisankei TV began their holiday-time tour of New York City right at Bryant Park, where Bank of America Winter Village was going full bore, with The Rink and Holiday Shops mentioned as must-sees. Before visiting other NYC sites, reporter Melodee first toured the “amazing shopping area” at Winter Village, culminating her visit with a snack at the Bavarian Food Company kiosk.

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