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Herald and Greeley Squares, Then and Now

Before and after pics demonstrate how good management can transform and enhance public spaces.

34th Street Archivist Anne Kumer sorted through the archives and selected some photos of Herald and Greeley Squares taken in the 1990s. The shots were taken after 34th Street Partnership had been founded, but before it embarked on drastic renovations of the spaces, transforming them into world-class parks.

With those photos in mind, we sent photographer Angelito Jusay to take current-day photographs of the parks from the same angles. The differences are quite dramatic.    

The “before” photos show rather dreary public spaces with limited pedestrian activity. The “after” shots illustrate quite a different scene. Try to count the differences between the pairs of photos. Here’s a list to help you get started. In the present-day photos:

1. Movable chairs and tables have replaced stationary benches.
2. The parks have permanent food kiosks.
3. Each park has free restrooms.
4. The ground has been attractively resurfaced.
5. Planters filled with colorful flowers decorate the parks.
7. Custom-design, botanical-themed litter receptacles enhance the visual display.   

These photos are quite effective in demonstrating just what a positive influence private management can bring to public spaces.

Then Now, Angelito Jusay Photography

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