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Gindi Opens Pandora Flagship Store in District

Pandora's signature charms, bracelets, and rings now available at 1284 Broadway.

Previously in MidCity News, we saluted Adam Gindi, whose family has owned and operated fine jewelry stores on 34th Street since 1959. His store, Diamonds and Dials, is now located at 96 West 32nd Street, just south of Greeley Square.

Mr. Gindi recently upped his investment in the district by opening a Pandora flagship store at 1284 Broadway, just north of Greeley Square, on July 3. Diamonds and Dials has offered Pandora’s signature charms, bracelets, rings and other jewelry for years, and Mr. Gindi is excited to open a store dedicated to the company’s products.

As the retail profile on 34th Street continues to rise, with national and international retailers flooding in, Mr. Gindi’s success is that much more remarkable. Tricia Lewis of Fashion Herald filed this report on the new venture. We join her in congratulating Mr. Gindi and wishing him continued success.

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