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Au Revoir to Jerome Barth

VP, Business Affairs helped guide companies through an era of growth, consolidation, and constant improvement.

Jerome Barth with Dan Biederman, July 2014.

Sunday, July 12, 1998 was a big day in Jerome Barth’s life. Not only did his home country France win the World Cup, Barth also noticed an ad in the newspaper for a position at Bryant Park Corporation and 34th Street Partnership.

Barth answered the ad, got the job, and stayed at the companies for 16 years. Starting out as an Administrative Assistant, he steadily added responsibilities to his portfolio, serving as Coordinating Supervisor/Park Manager, Director of Operations, and, lastly, as Vice President, Business Affairs for both organizations. 

During his tenure, he’s worn many hats and observed a lot of changes. Bryant Park has evolved into the busiest public space on the planet, a year-round destination offering an ever-more complex array of amenities while remaining immaculate, beautiful, and safe. The 34th Street District is now the most dynamic retail apparel district in the city, and offers visitors two gemlike parks and a stretch of the pedestrianized Broadway Boulevard at which to rest, eat lunch, and enjoy quality programming.

Through all of these changes, Mr. Barth has worked tirelessly, whether overseeing Bryant Park’s lawn, monitoring the furniture at our public spaces, organizing Bryant Park’s hospitality team, engaging with sponsors, or performing any other of the myriad tasks he gladly took on. Our organizations’ success is made possible by dedicated professionals like Jerome Barth. As he moves on, we thank him for his service and wish him well.   

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