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CityCharge Solar Charging Stations

Joint project brings free smart device charging stations - with cords - to Bryant Park.

It’s happened to you: you’re at Bryant Park, enjoying the free WiFi when you notice that your phone or computer is nearly out of battery. If you brought your recharging cord, you can plug into one of the park’s 42 electrical outlets. But until recently, if you didn’t bring your cord, you were out of luck.

Not anymore. With the introduction of CityCharge, you can recharge your phone anytime during regular park hours. A joint project by Bryant Park Corporation, Green Barrel Energy Inc., a New York City based solar company, and Landscape Forms, USA’s leading manufacturer of high quality street furniture, CityCharge is a 100% solar-powered recharging station equipped with six charging cords to accommodate almost any smart device.

CityCharge is a perfect fit for busy, dynamic public spaces such as Bryant Park. Mounted on five swivel casters with brakes, the unit can easily be moved around to accommodate events, programming, or maintenance activities. The solar panel is easily rotated to follow the sun, the battery can store enough energy to last up to three days, and the electronic components can be remotely monitored via proprietary web software. “The design was inspired by people and how they use public spaces,” adds Bryant Park’s own Ignacio Ciocchini, the Industrial Designer behind CityCharge. “It is round, easy to move, and has a communal table that encourages social interaction.”

This hardy piece of street furniture can be left outdoors full-time, even if it’s raining or snowing. Most of the parts are carbon steel with an electro-coated and polyester powder-coated finish that provides strong protection against rust and UV degradation. And the entire structure is easy to clean with residential grade cleaning products. “Improving environments with design focused on engineering solutions is our passion and expertise,” said Robb Smalldon, Manager of Studio 431, Landscape Forms' customs division.

So far, the public response has been tremendous. Since the first CityCharge was installed on the Upper Terrace on June 6, 3,193 people have charged their devices. A second CityCharge was installed on the Fountain Terrace on June 16, and 1,369 have used it. Tommy Mitchell, Green Barrel Energy Founder and CEO, likes what he sees so far. “We are extremely excited about the launch and pleased that the prototype testing in Bryant Park is going really well." More CityCharge Solar-Powered Charging Stations are on the way, for Bryant Park as well as Herald and Greeley Squares.


Solar Power Technology by: Green Barrel Energy, Tommy Mitchell, Founder/CEO
Product design and product development by: Ignacio Ciocchini, IDSA. Industrial Designer
Product Engineering and Manufacturing by: Landscapeforms/Studio 431

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