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A Tribute to Paul Ash

Legendary co-owner of Sam Ash Music will be honored at Piano in Bryant Park, September 5.

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In February of 2014, we reported on the sad news of the death of Paul Ash, co-owner of Sam Ash Music, at age 84. Mr. Ash, with his brother Jerome, developed the single musical instrument store founded by their father into a nationwide, 46-store chain. The legendary co-owner had strong links to both of our organizations, Bryant Park Corporation and 34th Street Partnership.

On Friday, September 5, we will honor Mr. Ash with a special performance of Piano in Bryant Park. Frank Owens will complete his week at the keyboard and Bryant Park Corporation will dedicate a Bryant Park bench with a commemorative plaque.  

It’s only fitting that Mr. Ash be honored this way. Back in 2004, when Bryant Park wanted to create a daily lunchtime series of piano performances, Mr. Ash was there to lend essential support and advice. Besides sponsoring Piano in Bryant Park, he paid for the construction of the piano and supplied the keyboard, microphone, and speakers. He also worked with us to establish an excellent relationship with Local 802 of the American Federation of Musicians, the Music Performance Fund, and his wife, Cobi, who programmed the piano. Through the years, he remained intimately involved as our main advisor, and even provided storage for the piano during the winter season. To read his obituary in the New York Times, click here.        

Piano in Bryant Park, located on the park’s Upper Terrace adjacent to the William Cullen Bryant Memorial, runs from 12:30-2:30pm each weekday through October 10.   

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