Bryant Park

Table Tennis in Bryant Park

June 10, 2009
Kathleen Horan, wnyc

NEW YORK, NY–Table tennis anyone? That's a question that can now be heard in Bryant Park, where two ping pong tables have been up for the past week. Its free and paddles and balls are available from 11-7 every day throughout the summer.

Attendant Swati Dlamini says she's already seeing regulars at the tables:

DLAMINI: People are excited about it, think it's great, it's out here in the park, it's refreshing. A lot of people already come by here every day pretty much just to come and watch or play.

Like Subas Risal. He walked by the tables yesterday and ended up playing four games. Before he came back today - he told all his friends about his new discovery:

RISAL: I just said, "Go to the Bryant Park and you'll see you know a ping pong table there, just lying there. Go ahead and use it!"

The tables will be up for use through September.